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Community Outreach
Resources for wellness and mental health.

Health and Wellness

At Ether Independent, we acknowledge that life and growing-up can be really hard sometimes. We want our rehearsals and events to be a place for healing, growth, and learning. This is why it’s our mission to foster an all-inclusive, safe space that is accepting to all creeds, nationalities, genders, and identities.

Our team can only strive to achieve excellence within the winter guard activity through exhilarating performances when our participants feel supported. We feel that providing an environment that is free from judgement, prejudice, and cruelty is a critical first step to nurture the success of our team members.

Community Resources

We’ve provided some links below to resources that may be useful to our participants and/or their peers. Many of these programs offer free resources, available to everyone, while some provide scholarships and affordable programming.

These resources generally offer guidance, someone to talk to, support, or assistance to receiving additional resources. Some programs listed are catered to specific groups of people. These special interest groups are designed to help their community overcome the specific challenges that minority groups face on a day-to-day basis.